A First Communion Celebration That Everyone Will Treasure

Published: 30th March 2011
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First Communions are an important time in a child's life and are worthy of a celebration. First Communion party supplies and decorations include tableware such as tablecloths, paper plates, cups, napkins, and balloons.

When getting First Communion party favors try to get favors that will be momentos of the day. First Communion party favors are not only cute, but practical as well. Place various party various such as votive candles, key chains, personalized coffee favors, cross design letter opener, mint tins, angel bookmarks, and photo holders in First Communion themed party favor bags.

First Communion is a very important religious ceremony in the Catholic faith. After the ceremony has concluded, it is time to let children be children once again. Allow children to participate in various party games and activities. First Communion is a solemn event; therefore, chances are great they built up plenty of energy throughout the day. There are fun, entertaining party games children can play and burn off that excess energy in an safe environment.

Musical Chairs - Musical chairs is a classic game that children continue to play this very day. It is important to create an incentive for children to play so offer party favors to the winners.

Snatch - While the players wait in another room, put several small religious items on the table. Make sure that the children do not see the items prior to game's start. Invite the children to gather around the table. Have them look and remember the items on the table. Next, a chosen player closes her eyes and turns away from the table. Meanwhile, point to another player to snatch one item from the table and hide it from view.

Then the first player opens her eyes and receives several tries to guess which item was taken and who snatched it. The child who answers incorrectly, the culprit then confesses and reveals the stolen item. The child who guesses which item was stolen, gets to keep it.

Put the item back on the table prior to the next round. The player who snatched the item last time closes eyes and faces away from the group. Then, select another person to snatch the item and continue.


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