A Great Birthday Party Is A Texas Holdem Theme

Published: 25th February 2011
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Texas Holdem Theme Party can be lots of fun especially since it has recently gained a lot of popularity. People around the U.S. enjoy playing the game with friends and family. It makes sense to use the Texas Holdem theme for an adult birthday party. If the birthday boy or girl enjoys playing the game, the theme will be well received and appreciated. Include Texas Hold'em party supplies to match the event.

Playing cards is one of the main activities of the party. Have several tables set up to allow groups of five to play at each table. Use green felt to cover the tops of the table. Tuck the edges underneath and staple or tape to the underside. It is necessary to provide new decks of cards and chips to play with. To accommodate those guests who wish to play a different card game, designate one table as a free play zone.

Keep the Texas Holdem theme throughout the party. A good start is party invitations with Texas Hold'em card images on the front. Let the guest know that the party will be centered on playing cards, but no money is required. Almost any bakery should be able to create a birthday cake with a Texas Hold'em party theme.

A quick visit to a party supply store should provide ample disposable party supplies. Napkins, tablecloths, and more should be available with the Texas Hold'em party theme graphic. To make clean up easy mix in solid colored disposable serving bowls and platters. Choose clear cups that resemble high ball and low ball glasses.

Using the Texas Holdem themed party supplies set up a gift and food table. This will give guests a definitive place to put their gift for the guest of honor. A food table will allow guests the opportunity to graze throughout the party. Heavy hor'doeuvres work well. Guest can play and eat at the same time. If the party will include alcoholic beverages, setting up a separate bar keeps the food table from being overrun with the alcohol items.

Party games or other activities are honestly not needed. Adding background music to the scene will probably just create additional noise. Players are going to be playing, talking, and laughing. That is enough noise. The hostess may request two or three people to help her keep the party going. Serving drinks, keeping food tables stocked, and simply checking on guest to make sure everyone is engaged and having fun.

The guest of honor is sure to enjoy this theme is they like Texas Holdem. Some hostesses combine the decorative portion with a little history and encourage guest to come dressed like cowboys from days gone by.


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