Christmas Games Adults Can Play In Groups

Published: 16th February 2011
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Having group games for adults for your Christmas party can be the difference between a sweet party and an amazing one. One fun Christmas party game is the "gift exchange game" sometimes called "Bad Santa". Start by deciding on a theme for you gift exchange and setting a price limit. Everyone brings a gift. You don't exchange names. Count the number of guests and put that many numbers in a hat, bowl, etc.. Each guest draws a number and then starting with the lowest or highest (whichever you want) have the guests pick a gift and open it. Now the next person picks and opens a gift. Sound pretty standard up to this point, well here is where the fun starts. If the second person likes their gift fine, but if they want to they can exchange with the first person that picked a gift. The third person can exchange with either the first or the second person, the fourth person can exchange with either the first, second, or third person and so on. No matter how much they want to keep it no one can refuse to give up their gift. So there will be some funny moments as people take what they feel is a nicer gift than the one they picked and other people try to convince them not to. Make sure and have two or three extra gifts in case there are unexpected guests and stress that people should adhere to the price limits so all the gifts are roughly of the same value.

Another fun group games for adults at Christmas parties is "Name the Christmas Carol". This is Charades with all the titles coming from Christmas carols. Write down the titles of well know Christmas carols and put the titles in a box preferably a Christmas gift box. After seeing the number of guest you are going to have, divide them into two or three teams. Let a person from each team pick a carol from the box. Now they must act out the title of the carol just like Charades. They can't use words or sounds, it must all be acted out. The team that gets the most titles correct wins and gets nice party favors, like Christmas tree ornaments. Everyone else gets a little party favor for playing.

With a little imagination, group games for adults at Christmas parties can be great fun. The Minister's Cat is a game from Victorian England. It is fun anytime but would be especially appropriate if the host has used Victorian colors and decorations for Christmas. Either way it is a cute game. You start by clapping your hands to get a steady rhythm going. Then you start describing the minister's cat using each letter of the alphabet starting with"A". The first person might say " The minister's cat is a (any adjective beginning with "A") cat". For example, "The minister's cat is an adorable cat". The next adjective given should start with a "B". The minister's cat is a bad cat". Go from guest to guest each taking the next alphabet. They have ten seconds or less to think of an answer, if they run out of time they are out of the game.


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