Liven Up the Festivities With Adult Party Games

Published: 10th May 2011
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Adult party games can keep guests entertained all night long. There are numerous of adult party games that can break the ice among unfamiliar guests. For those guests who do know each other well, adult party games will create an even closer bond surely. Adult party to consider are:

The Match Game: Write down famous celebrities, professional athletes or historical figures on index cards. Ensure those who receive the name tags do not know who is written on the name tag. During the party, players must ask others questions and see if they can guess the identity of the celebrity they represent. This party game can be played in a circle or throughout the duration of the event.

Who Is it?: Have players write down on index cards a fact that other guests do not know about them. Place all the cards in a bowl. After everyone has placed their card in the bowl, the host can begin picking and reading the index cards. Players then guess and see who is it. This is an interesting way to relieve fun facts about individuals.

Bouncing Ball Drinking Game: Have a player start the game by whiz, bounce or boing. Whiz means the ball moves on to the next player. Bounce means the ball skips the next player and moves on to the following person. Boing means the ball hits the wall and switches direction. Those who say the wrong word or speak out of turn takes a drink.

Who Are You?: Guess someone's identity by touching the person with wooden spoons or kitchen utensils only. One guest sits in a chair while other guests stand or kneel blindfolded before them. The blindfolded person must identify only using the wooden spoons or kitchen utensils.

Drink or Dare: Drink or Dare is more fun than Truth or Dare. The only difference is for those players who do not wish to take a dare they must drink. A nice loophole in this game is that one player can dare the other to take a drink.

City to City: The players get into a circle. The leader begins to name cities such as Chicago. The player next to the leader names the city, which begins with the last letter of Chicago - O. He/she says, "Oklahoma City," and so on. The player who cannot answer in 3 seconds is eliminated. The person who remains is the winner.


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