Make A La Quinceanera Party Wonderful With These Tips

Published: 30th March 2011
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In Latin culture a La Quinceañera party symbolizes a girl's entrance into womanhood at the age of 15.

The theme of the La Quinceañera Party will help to determine the style and design of the party supplies and invitations. Store bought invitations are an option but also consider handmade La Quinceañera invitations. Making homemade party invitations is a fun way to get into the spirit of the party surely.

Card stock is a good option when it comes to homemade party invitations. Adding stickers and transfers to the card stock will help to make the style unique. The colors and patterns chosen for the party invitations depends on personal preference. Cut out different patterns such as a high heel shoes and castles with some confetti and glitter sprinkled in the invitation envelops.

La Quinceañera Party Supplies and Decorations: Select party supplies and decorations that are consistent with the theme chosen. A simple theme is to choose a color palette such as silver, white and black with splashes of red. Archways makes for a great way to enter the party location as well.

Elegant and stylish is a good rule to follow with the table decorations. Tie ribbons on the back of the chairs at the table and place various flowers as the centerpiece. Gossamer fabric is a wonderful way to decorate chairs and tables for a striking effect.

La Quinceañera Party Games: Party games should be chosen by the girl of honor. Not all girls may want to have a dance party but something else that includes creative games. There are dozens of teen related games that everyone will enjoy playing. it is important to create a friendly atmosphere and what better way to do so then playing fun party games.

For a formal La Quinceañera party games might be out of the question do to the fact party guests will be dresses up in suits and dresses. For an informal La Quinceañera, party guests may be more inclined to participate in such games that require a lot of movement.

Keep the number 15 in mind and have games that require 15 or more participants; like a murder mystery game. An egg relay race is a great way to generate some laughs. Have three teams of five or five teams of three to participate. Players use plastic eggs and try to balance it on a spoon from one side of the play area to another. Once the player walks across the playing area with the egg, return, that team member does the same. the team to finish the race first is the winner. Not: Players can only walk when the egg is balanced on the spoon.


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