Make Any Sweet 16 Birthday Party Sweeter With Candy Themed Party Supplies

Published: 10th May 2011
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Nothing sweeter for a girl than turning sweet 16 so ensure invitations, party supplies, decorations, party games and food are all in attendance.

Candy Themed Sweet 16 Invitations: Let guests know what type of party they will attend (hopefully) by sending them candy theme invitations. These party invitations can either be homemade or pre-made. Tape a candy sucker or mint to each invitation, along with all pertinent information.

Candy Themed Sweet 16 Party Supplies and Decorations: When it comes to candy themed party supplies and decorations there is no shortage of selection. Sweet lollipop walk ways, candy standees, giant numbers lollipop, columns, backdrops, and candy arches all make spectacular decorations for a candy themed sweet 16 party.

For those who have only a small party area to work with, large standees might not be appropriate. In this case, select Mylar balloons, colorful table covers, window clings, candy themed place mats, and colorful tableware items. Decorate chairs at the Candy themed party with satin chair sashes as well.

Candy Themed Sweet 16 Food: Offer guests a wide variety of candy in different types of colorful bowls and dishes. Since the theme of the party is sweet, cupcakes, candy such as lollipops are all acceptable menus. Every table needs a centerpiece so a few options to consider are:

- Multiple level cupcake server tray with cupcakes

- Large cake with colorful frosting

- Pail or bucket with large lollipops, confetti, curling ribbon, and balloons

An endless array of candies and color palettes can be used when creating a candy centerpiece. All candy centerpieces should include some type of sweet and stand out from the rest of the table; make the candy centerpiece large enough so it is the focal point of the table. Spread small candies around the table as a garnish too.

Candy Themed Sweet 16 Party Games: Balloon Truth or Dare can be played by placing rolled up pieces of paper with the words truth or dare on them. Place the papers in the balloons carefully and blow them up. Have players sit in a circle and pop the balloons or have guests pop the balloons during the course of the party.

Darts: Place a picture of a hated celebrity on a dart board and have at it. Award points for hitting different facial features. The player with the highest score wins.


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