Party Themes For Today or Yesteryear

Published: 21st February 2011
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When planning a party consider including a theme. A well planned theme will server to enhance and in fact go hand in hand with a well planned party. Therefore, deciding on a party theme becomes very important for party planning. A party theme incorporates all aspects of your party by using the same theme for all items (decorations, party invitations, party favors and table ware). For the most part, there are two types of themes to choose from, new and classic.

Parties held every year are most likely to have a classic party theme as they become a tradition. On the other hand, a new party theme is one that is temporary and is popular for that season. Over time, some new party themes can become classics, but that can take years.

The great thing about classic parties is the cost saving ability to use the same themes year in and year out. Some great classic party themes are sports related (basketball, football, soccer, bowling, etc…). Decorations for these themes tend to be simple and have been around for years. For the most part, the decorating revolves around finding items that relate to the sport and using them for the decorations with the addition of sport related tableware (paper plates, cups, and napkins).

There are many classic party themes that are considered traditional boy and girl theme party items. For instance, the boys in your house may enjoy a race car party, wrestling party or an army party, whereas, the girls in your house may like a traditional spa party, tea party or a dance party. Other classic theme parties revolve around cartoon characters such as Winnie the Pooh and Mickey Mouse. Both of these parties are considered classics because they have been around for years.

There are a variety of new theme party ideas that are becoming very popular. For the boys in your family, having a NERF party may be just what the kids have ordered. Most of the guests coming to this party know that it is a NERF party and bring their own NERF items (NERF weapons, toys and other activities). Princess parties on the other hand are the girls choice party idea. We've seen a variety of new party ideas added to the princess party. Other new party themes center on game shows, music artists and television shows. These types of parties tend to remain in use as long as the show or artist remains popular.

We have looked at different party themes, both classic and new ones that can be used for parties. The decorations, invitations and party favors for both the traditional and classic parties may vary, but the food and drinks can remain the same. Therefore, a new party theme, such as, "The Jonas Brothers," may have decorations related to the Jonas Brothers, but have traditional food and desserts for the guests. Regardless of the theme, planning and organization will ensure a great time.


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