Roaring 20s Party Drink Ideas

Published: 02nd March 2011
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Roaring 20s Party Drink Ideas are an expected part of every flapper's fest; how better to celebrate the fun, frivolity and flowing spirits that defined the original party era? After all, just how successfully can one 'roar' without a glass of sparkly spirits firmly in hand? The Prohibition Law of the 1920s surprisingly brought alcohol to the spotlight Roaring 20s Party. Secret bars called speakeasys sprang up everywhere, and a lot of alcoholic drinks were made popular during the time. "Bathtub gin," as it was called, was popular at the time since it was easy to make at home. Martini cocktails were also easy to make, as were many drinks with fruit added. The fruit that at that time masked the taste of the alcohol is today just a flavorful drink ingredient. The novel "The Great Gatsby," released in 1925, made the mint julep a popular drink during the 20s. Keep sparkling water and soda on hand for your non-alcohol drinking guests. And what Roaring 20s party would be complete without some crystalline goblets of sparkling champagne? The ultimate in bubbly yet elegant spirits, sparkly champagne—whether clear or pink—was a fixture at any number of 20s fests.

Regardless of which Roaring 20s Party Drink Ideas work best at a flapper's fest, the host should not forget to include those decorative party favors that morph a typical party beverage into a roaring 20s drink. These could include party umbrellas every color of the rainbow, beaded topper rings for champagne classes, frosted glasses, glasses emblazoned with the images of icons like Rudolph Valentino, etc. If you are making handmade party invitations, try incorporating the drink umbrellas on the invites. Transport guests to a glamorous, more carefree time with Roaring 20s Party Drink Ideas that are both thrilling and thirst-quenching in equal measure. Cooridnate the party supplies to go with the 20s theme party. Bottoms up for some nostalgic fun!

No great party is complete without gifts; and nothing could be more fun or festive than some rollicking Roaring 20s Gift Ideas. A gangster style trench coat for men, or a ladies' flapper dress, would both make ideal gifts for a Roaring 20s Party. Classic 1920s movie posters and magazine ads in a frame can make great decorator items. The style art deco was popular at the time, so jewelry and antiques in the art deco style would make for appropriate gifts. You can also give period movies such as "The Untouchables" and "Mobsters" to your recipient.

The reader in your life might appreciate classic books like "The Great Gatsby" and "The Sun Also Rises" as gifts. If your recipient likes jazz and blues music, you're in luck since these styles were popular in the 1920s. Consider giving CDs or records of artists popular during the era such as Dizzy Gillespie and Louis Armstrong. High spirits and celebration defined the 1920s; so when choosing Roaring 20s Gift Ideas, think flashy, celebratory, elegant, and most of all fun!


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