Theme That Put The Fun In A 25th Birthday Party

Published: 04th April 2011
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Turning 25 years old is a milestone whether people would like to believe it or not. despite the fact that someone has become a quarter of a century old, it still is a joyous occasion regardless.

Throw a Silver 25th Birthday party reminiscence of silver anniversary celebrations. This same theme can be applied to a birthday as well. Decorate the party area with silver, white and black party supplies and decorations. Select different types of party supplies and decorations such as tableware items, balloons, streamers, and banners. This type of party theme is diverse because it can be applied to either a man or woman's birthday party.

Choosing the year the honoree was born as the party theme always works well. For example, if the guest of honor was born in 1987 use 80's themed decorations. Only play music and watch movies from that year.

Roaring 20's Party Theme - A roaring 20's theme birthday party is an unique way to celebrate someone's 25th birthday as well. Select a variety of roaring 20's party supplies and decorations such as art deco posters from the era, red fabric draped on the walls, red and pink lighting reminiscent of a speakeasy and costumes of the roaring 20's as well.

(Costume Party Theme - Have guests dress up in costumes for a 25th birthday party.|Costume Parties are always special, so why not have a 25th birthday costume party? Like Halloween, encourage guests to dress up in anything they want. This a simple, yet interesting idea that will get people excited about the birthday party.

For a Roaring 20s costume party indicate on the invitations that guests should dress like characters from the 1920s, in flapper dresses or with gangster hats. Only include music from the 20's era as well.

Food - Depending on the type of theme, budget and personal play important roles in what type of food will be served. Purchase plenty of finger foods and drinks. Serve pasta salads, chicken wings and other inexpensive foods that serve a large group of people.

Send invitations that correlates with the party theme. This will allow guests choose attire and costumes deemed fitting for the themed party. Also, send party invitations no later than two weeks before the party. It is important to ensure guests enough time to make the necessary travel plans and accommodations if necessary.

When deciding on a location for a 25th birthday party pick one that will work well with the theme and the number of guests. Select a location that can properly accommodate all the guests adequately.


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